Terence Mckenna asks, What Are The Frontiers of Experience?

“This is where the action is. It’s not back in the hive. It’s not in the ant hill…knowledge is provisional and we are yet to approach even the first moment of civilized understanding. The way it is to be done is by trusting your Self. Trusting your intuition. Reject authority. Authority is a lie and abomination. Authority will lead you into ruin. It’s not real.

Don’t get this idea that it’s this liberal wrap that everybody has a piece of the action, y’know, the Jews know something, the Buddhist know something, the Wicca know something. Rubbish! Nobody knows anything! These are different kinds of shell games that have been worked out by priestly castes of people to keep things under control. Institutions seek to maximize control. That’s what they’re into. Did you think they were in the business of enlightening you, saving your Soul? Forget it!

Control is what this is all about. And to the degree that we commit ourselves to ideology, we are poisoned. Any ideology…rubbish! What is real is experienceWhat is real is this moment. And so then it becomes about what are the frontiers of experience?”

– Terence Mckenna

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