A Poem by Oriana Ivy

Artwork by Pippa Blake


Over the ocean a cave of blue
holds out against the night —
an entrance to the world beyond,
where it is still day.

I trace the glow of lucent green,
and you say look, that violet rim,
that lip of ripe plum purple.
The soul, we know, is tender blue,

like memory of being loved
back in the mother cave, and now,
this moment made of shades of blue,
a window of remaining light.

It’s Aphrodite’s blue-green glow,
the life that yet remains —
that kiss at mirror-edge where sky
marries the shining water.

How should we spend the last of time,
the light that lingers in the west?
I take your hand and we hope
that dark leap is a dolphin.



Oriana Ivy is the author of three prize-winning chapbooks, a widely published poet and translator. Her work has appeared in PoetryPloughsharesBest American PoetryThe Iowa ReviewNimrodPrairie SchoonerSouthern Poetry Review, and many other magazines and anthologies. A former journalist and community college instructor, she leads an online poetry salon and writes a poetry and culture blog, http://oriana-poetry.blogspot.com/

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