A Poem by Aubrey Gates King

Artwork by Sajida Hussain

On The Other Side                                       //                          Right Here

She soaks them for over an hour
in boiling water.
Twisting pulling,
twisting pulling
trickles down in low thuds
against the basin and wets
the wrists of her sleeves.

(To read the rest of On The Other Side // Right Here, follow the link below)

On The Other Side by Aubrey Gates King


Aubrey Gates King is a writer and poet living in Portland, OR. After graduating cum laude with a degree in English Literature and Chinese Studies, she moved to China for a two-year fellowship with Teach For China. She currently works in writing and editing at a consulting firm. She was selected to participate in the Independent Publishing Resource Center’s 2017–2018 Certificate Program in Poetry, as well as the 2016–2017 Poets Studio at the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters. Aubrey enjoys vegan eats, dry humor, and biking around town.

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