Two Poems by M.A. Banash

Artwork by Anselm Kiefer


Thumbing It

hitchhiking thru the dictionary
i stumbled upon sui generis
then i tucked in my thumbs,
laced up my sneakers
and took off for a long, lonely, walk



God is Good

we stick to our guns
glued by blood
bloodslick & sick
corrupting yet another
benevolent object into malevolence

you’d think the Maker’d have enough
of our burden, our conceit, our blood-thirst

every now and again
he takes out his red pen
and like an old forest destroyed by lightning
runs us through
if we don’t capitalize his name
or draws rosy flush on our cheeks
when we capitalize on his name



Matthew Banash was born and raised in PA and has lived in the Carolinas for the past twenty years. He writes poetry and short fiction. His work has appeared in Penumbra, Poetry Quarterly,  SurVision, The Blue Nib and Micro Fiction Monday.


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