A Poem by Lori Cramer

The Many Headed Hydra--Emma Haugh & Suza Husse
The Many Headed Hydra by Emma Haugh & Suza Husse



No one-size-fits-all cards for you and me this year. We want to express our love with homemade valentines instead. I rush to the craft store to gather the necessary supplies: pink cardstock, dozens of heart stickers, and a Sharpie as red as the stitches in a baseball. “I love you,” I write in my fanciest script, then embellish the words with stickers. But you outdo me with a creation sure to last longer: Using a bobby pin heated by the flame of your lighter, you dig into your flesh to form a red-hot heart and carve my initials inside.




Lori Cramer’s short prose has appeared in more than two dozen publications, including Fictive Dream, Ink In ThirdsRiggwelter, Unbroken Journal, and Whale Road Review. Links to her work can be found at https://loricramerfiction.wordpress.com. Twitter: @LCramer29.